Things to Do in the Casino Del Sol

Things to Do in the Casino Del Sol

The Casino Del Sol Resort Tucson AZ is located near the edge of the scenic North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This resorts provides a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat for you to enjoy during your honeymoon. It is set in a ruggedly beautiful setting overlooking the incredible scenery. The resort includes a pool area, golf course, and spa.

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, the Casino Del Sol Resort is surrounded by rustic white cliffs that extend hundreds of feet into the canyon. Here you can lounge in the sun while taking in the breathtaking views of the Colorado’s deep blue waters and rugged landscape. The beautiful setting of the Casino Del Sol is one of the key factors that make it a perfect location for an elopement. The soothing ocean breeze coupled with the serene surrounding factors that help to enhance the romantic feeling.

This casino has eight bedrooms with unique design styles. One of the rooms is styled after a French chateau, with its traditional furnishings. The other rooms have a romantic feel to them with their wood tones and natural light. Rooms are laid out with full bars and luxury furnishings. Rooms are beautifully decorated and offer breathtaking views of the views from your room.

The Casinos Del Sol Resort Tucson AZ offers the most exclusive golf resort experience to its guests. The luxurious desert resort provides golfing opportunities on two courses which are close to the casino. Golf courses are made up of challenging greens, challenging rough, and challenging fairways.

The Casino Del Sol Resort Tucson AZ is just a short distance from downtown Tucson, where you can take a scenic ride on a colorful Ferris wheel. Another great place to visit is the fascinating Fountain of Life museum. Here you can learn more about the history of the city and the many life forms that take part in the fabulous desert scene. Here you can see and learn more about the rich natural environment that surrounds this majestic city.

The Springs are some of the most popular and comfortable pools. The Springs Pool is heated and has a natural cooling system. The Springs Pool features deep-end Jacuzzi jets. Other pools include an extended beach-side, a lazy river, and a lap pool. Each pool has relaxing waterfalls and underwater plants that add to the relaxing atmosphere.

The sprawling villas include luxurious amenities and spacious master suites. For the ultimate in luxury you will want to check out the fabulous Mediterranean Palace and Spa. The seven-room Mediterranean Palace is built in the antique style of the 18th century. The elegant Victorian villa is filled with antiques, Italian marble, and craftsman-made furnishings.

Located just minutes from downtown Tucson, the Casino Del Sol Resort Tucson AZ has everything that you would expect from a luxurious hotel and resort. You can relax in the luxurious rooms with sparkling waterfalls, lie under the graceful chandeliers, or enjoy the many activities and attractions found in the surrounding area. Come and join the adventure of staying at this unique casino.