Casino De Sol – An Introduction

Casino De Sol – An Introduction

Well-known Spanish musician, Paco Medina, has created a name for himself by being part of the line-up of musicians that grace the famous Casinos de Sol in Malaga and Menorca. Also known as the Blue Angels, these professional water sport divers from Spain to make their presence felt regularly at water centres all over the region of northern Spain. A regular concert attendee will be surprised to hear such a diverse musical selection given the fact that this repertoire is not normally associated with beach music!

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Medina’s band, which has featured some big names in their repertoire, features a mixture of traditional Spanish music with influences from jazz, blues and flamenco. This is a band that can play anything at home. They have an exciting repertoire of originals as well as covers of old Spanish songs. Their performances are full of originality as they frequently combine familiar, Spanish tunes with new ones that are completely original. They are considered to be great fun to listen to. A top guest spot at any of the Casinos de Sol concerts will always be the Blue Angels.

The theme of the Casino de Sol concerts is to provide an upbeat mixture of traditional and contemporary music. The bands tend to go back to the roots of Spanish music, using it in a modern context. However, Medina adds a little more spice with some disco numbers. The sound is clean and clear and the choreography adds a real thrill to the concert experience. Many a guest musician gets a standing ovation at the end of a performance at the Casinos de Sol.

One of the best things about this venue is that the ambience tends to be quieter than many other places in the area. There is no noisy, distracting sound from outside or from nearby buildings. This allows for a much more tranquil atmosphere at the concerts. The lack of smoke and fumes also help to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Before you enter the venue, remember to dress appropriately as the majority of the audience is made up of elderly people and their family members. Casinos de Sol is all very formal and often insists on neatly fitted jackets and suits. Most will even insist on black tie attire for the full effect. There are exceptions for children, but the decor is deliberately very light, with minimal frills and a great deal of family oriented fun.

If you’ve never been to one of these venues, there’s a good chance you’ll find the experience very different from those you might have at a music festival or a jazz club. Whilst it’s easy to pick yourself up by the stage and dance, there’s something far more classy about being at a live event. Casinos de Sol is intimate places, which make them very memorable for the guests who attend. In addition to the quality of music, the style of lighting and staging are also very important. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, don’t forget your camera!