Casino Del Sol Hotel Review

Casino Del Sol Hotel Review

There are so many things that you must think about when visiting the Casino del Sol Resort. This is a small hotel in the municipality of Gijon, Spain and it is owned by the Banque de Lluc. It is one of the best hotels that you can visit because it offers the best possible customer service that will satisfy your needs and demands. All the staff is very nice and efficient and they provide great amenities for you to make the most out of your stay in this small hotel.

You should not forget that the Casino del Sol has a wide variety of rooms that are designed in accordance with the different budgets that you have. The rooms were very clean and good to see. The bedding was also very good and offered a nice and comfortable environment. The breakfast service was good and served in a reasonable time interval. The coffee was served an hour late but when complaining about they were able to make the coffee free.

The main issue that many people complain about is that the breakfast is not served on time. The reason for this is that the staffs do not keep the exact time at all times. They often miss their timings and as a result people end up waiting in long queues just to get the breakfast that they really need.

If you are staying at the Hotel del Sol, you must know that it is very close to the beach. There are many options available for you to stay there and the prices are very reasonable. If you have a very tight budget then staying at this hotel would be a good option for you to choose. You should not worry if you do not want to spend so much because you can make your accommodation reservations at other resorts.

The services provided at the Casino del Sol Resort are fantastic and it will not cost you much to get to and from this hotel. The hotel’s staff is always ready to answer any question that you may have and they try their best to accommodate the needs and demands of each and every client. They are very friendly and willing to help you in case you are stuck with a problem. The hotel staffs are very attentive and are ready to give you great service.

In general you will find the Casino del Sol very welcoming and it is also near to many popular sights such as the Palau Sant Miguel. which is famous for its historical architecture and beautiful buildings. The hotel itself is very old and beautiful and there are many interesting activities that you can do here such as cycling, hiking and swimming.